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Ring on Fire

by boehler design
Freiburg DE

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The Artwork

In this artwork I photographed a ring with some nice lights in the background. It is a way to show what is behind a marraige. There is the shiny light in the foreground but sometimes it is also a deep dark fire in the background if you look behind the curtain.

The Artist

Andreas Boehler is a German Director of Photography, Photograph and Digital Artist raised in Germany & currently working in Switzerland. He studied Media-design at the MHMK in Munich and began to expand his knowledge in a second study at the Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz in Basel He had the privilege of working with companies such as Adobe, Roche, Clariant, Novartis, Schwarzwaldmilch, Nivea and Messe Basel (MCH). When he is not glued to a computer screen or camera viewfinder he enjoys making music, sports, time with his friends and the adventure to discover more sorts of beer. In his spare time, he really enjoys writing about himself in the third person.