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Protein Cocktail

by Bojana Knezevic
Sao Paulo BR

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The Artwork

"This multimedia art project aims to examine overuse of beauty products, and to critically study beauty culture ideology. The feminine subject is seen to choose beauty as an constant practice of self-love, however beauty work falls neatly within market-mediated ideals and market dictated routines. Women's bodies, particularly their faces, became sites for consumption and self-expression. Imagery of ageless flawless beauty is utilized by massive commercial interests to create a beauty culture. The Beauty Consumers accept corporate skincare regimes and aspire to emulate the perfect beauty in the advertising imagery, despite having constructed careful discourses of distrust towards false advertising and media." Bojana Knezevic

The Artist

Bojana is a Serbian (Sao Paulo based) multi-disciplined artist specializing in Fine Arts and Multimedia Design.
She received her MA in Visual Arts from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade and specialization in Design and
Multimedia from ItAcademy.
Her art creates new insights for contemplation about societal and environmental issues.
Her works has been exhibited throughout Great Britain, Spain, U.S.A, India,Serbia, Brazil...
As a Graphic and Web designer, she has experience of delivering creative concepts for a worldwide clients.
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