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Singapore Hidden Door Collage Series 1

by Ricky Gui
Singapore SG

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The Artwork

"Hidden Door" is a series of images of doors documented around Singapore. These "hidden" doors are located behind the shophouses where not many people likely to venture into. What attract me about the "Hidden Door" were the design, shape, colours, and the various intriguing details of the overall architecture surrounding. It took me more than a year to explore various back lanes of the shophouses in my country. Most of the documentation time is spent on weekend when most business were not operating. This allows me to document the facade of the door and it's surrounding without disturbance. The temperate in the back lane was much higher as there is no shelter to shade me during the documentation process. The heat can get really nasty as the space between the walls are not spacious in some places. Sometimes i came across oil ventilation that puffs downward, causing a nasty smell around my body. A cute cat could be sleeping at the door steps, clothes hanging at the door front, flower pot that is in-front of the door, words and numbers spray on the door, there are many exciting details for viewers to view in-depth if observe closely. Behind every 'Hidden Door" lurks possibility of past tales of childhood, romance and history. I had documented close to 600 "Hidden Doors". As time passes, business change hand, demolish of building, back doors cemented, change of color, replacement of a new door. Nothing is forever. But these "Hidden Door" pictures will be the memory of the past and present for someone and future to the unknown. The work has been featured in numerous popular website such as ArchDaily, Lonely Planet Travel News and many more

The Artist

Born in Singapore. Ricky has been actively creating pictures since he was 23. As he recalled, he occasionally taking photographs of his family member as early as 10 years old with a film camera.

He became a full-fledge independent photographer at the age of twenty-six and has never look back since. Known for his versatility, perseverance, easy-to-work-with and can-do attitude. He is capturing images for clients around the world in Singapore and other around Asia countries.

Spurred by his unwavering passion for photography with a curious eye for angles, light and details, he aims to elevate the aesthetics of images through distinct perspectives, he dedicates his time and creativity wholly to the art of photography during his free time.

Ricky whose work has won multiple awards and been featured on numerous popular websites and magazines locally and internationally. Notably, his project Hidden Door, which took him two years to painstakingly capture 600 hidden doors in Singapore, was lauded for its unique subject and perspective. He has also co-authored a photography book titled A Blink in Time: Memories of Singapore's Vanishing Past.

Ricky often find his inspiration through reading, observation and generating idea during his long stroll.

One of his visions is to have everyone own a high quality art photograph in their individual house and office. He want to create artwork that is uplifting, delighting and also inject aesthetics. A photograph that will generate endless enjoyment when each time you admire it.

Which one of my photographs is your favourite? Which one are you going to display in your home or office?

I also answer each email personally unless i am away. Send me your question, a specific picture you like me to sell or your feedback. I look forward to hearing from you.

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