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one hand makes dark work

by Cosmic Rapture
Sydney AU

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The Artwork

I turned the saying "many hands make light work" inside out. Without the dark, the light cannot shine.

The Artist

Why do you create? I'm good at it
How do you work? Slowly, carefully, painfully
Has your creative process changed over time, if so, how? It has become more and more surreal, abstract, bizarre, chaotic
Do you consider yourself a full-time or part-time artist? Part-time
Besides creating, where else do you spend your time? In cyberspace
What inspires you? the numinous
What is the first piece of art you remember creating? self-portrait
What does the term art mean to you? the creation and conveying of meaning and significance
Name three artists that you respect? Paul Klee, Van Gogh, Goya
What is your favourite piece of artwork? Portal to Forever, painted by me.
What is your dream project? I'll let you know.