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Purple Flux

by Dominique Vari

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The Artwork

Kinetic graphics that capture transition movement and flux in deep blue, pink and ultra violet to create a sense of peace and harmony

The Artist

I'm a Creative explorer and Nature lover, venturing across typography, illustration, digital and generative / glitch art to design modern beautiful creations for everyday living.

Born in Brussels – where I opened my first design studio at 22 – I have spent two decades immersed in London creative life. Today, I share the work I'm most passionate about online so it might spark a smile in you, too.

From shapeshifting typography to geometric pastels, quirky patterns, minimal botanicals and ethereal dreamscapes, my work is a riot of colour and picture-perfect detail. While my ideas can spring from anywhere, I'm most often inspired by the ever-changing nature of Nature – using a less-is-more approach to bring effervescent beauty to everyday life.

I continually experiment and explore creativity to its fullest with passion. Every piece is unified by a single impulse: to create art that is distinctive, modern, joyful and just so.

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All my work © Dominique Vari - updated on 17th May 2018
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