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Sea Meditations 1

by Eleanor Carter
Hastings GB

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The Artwork

Inspired by the sea! capturing the colors and feelings of an ever changing landscape, using acrylic paint and oil pastels.

The Artist

Why do you create? Creating art work for me is essential to my well being and gives me the opportunity to interpret my world in a visual way.
How do you work? I work in a variety of ways using many different mediums. I dont limit myself, I work very intuitively, and enjoy the process of transforming a drawing for example into a print or a pattern.
Has your creative process changed over time, if so, how? My process is always changing as i explore new ways of working, as a trained commercial illustrator i also need to allow myself time to focus on more personal work.
Do you consider yourself a full-time or part-time artist? At present i am a part time artist.
Besides creating, where else do you spend your time? I spend half of my week teaching at the local college in the art and design department. Its a challenge and often rewarding as i get to work with young adults who are starting out on their creative journey.
What inspires you? I am inspired by many things, nature is a big source of inspiration, whether it be the countryside or the sea. I love textiles and abstract impressionism. I'm also inspired by the everyday, cooking, good coffee and a good book!
What is the first piece of art you remember creating? The first piece of art i really remember creating was a painting of the bush fires along the Great Ocean Road in Australia back in 1984 I think it was.
What does the term art mean to you? Art to me means possibilities, excitement, regeneration, growth, passion and love!
Name three artists that you respect? Vincent Van Gogh, Henri Matisse and Joan Mitchell
What is your favourite piece of artwork? Its very difficult to have a favorite piece of art work, I guess it would be Cafe Terrace at Night by Vincent Van Gogh.
What is your dream project? To paint a series of large canvas paintings for a collaborative exhibition of women painters.
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