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Experiments in Light: Part 2

by Gerry Tomkins
Toronto CA

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The Artwork

Recreating photographic elements in 3D.

The Artist

Why do you create? Art is a very necessary creative outlet for a lot of people, myself included.
How do you work? Usually when I should be going to bed.
Has your creative process changed over time, if so, how? I've learned to simplify my work by hiding detail that I would otherwise try to reveal.
Do you consider yourself a full-time or part-time artist? Full-time
What inspires you? Light and color are huge forms of inspiration for me.
What is the first piece of art you remember creating? I tried to recreate the cover of The Lion King VHS with pencil crayons. Didn't turn out that well. My brother's was much better.
What does the term art mean to you? Creative Expression
Name three artists that you respect? Dan Flavin, Salvador Dali, Leonardo Da Vinci,
What is your dream project? Haven't dreamed of it yet.
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