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Eye of the Beholder

by Ingrid Kostron
Kemptville CA

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The Artwork

This is what I would see every time I tacked up my horse Toad. He had such a beautiful eye.

The Artist

Why do you create? Because I am most happy as a person when I am creating.
How do you work? All the time, anywhere, anyway.
Has your creative process changed over time, if so, how? I have always just created those things that 'catch my eye' or are a result of a thought that I realize through a creative process.
Do you consider yourself a full-time or part-time artist? Full time, I work as a designer, (print and web) and as a fine artist.
Besides creating, where else do you spend your time? I enjoy the company of others and animals... there is nothing like a good brew, a glass of wine and a solid conversation about life, the universe, and everything.
What inspires you? Inspiration seems to come from everywhere...
What is the first piece of art you remember creating? A drawing of a bay coloured horse... I might have been 4 or 5 years old.
What does the term art mean to you? Art is 'any' expression or manifestation of someone's talents in the physical world...
Name three artists that you respect? Van Gogh, Dali, Da Vinci
What is your favourite piece of artwork? Starry Starry Night
What is your dream project? I think I have yet to work on that...
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