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Shapely Rocks

by Katherine Erickson
Long Beach US

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The Artwork

View of shapely rocks found along Route 166 outside of Santa Maria, California, USA.

The Artist

Katherine Erickson is an artist from Long Beach, California, United States. Katherine has been shooting photographs for the past 40 years and she enjoys shooting nature, seascapes and architecture. Katherine has spent numerous hours roaming the coastlines of California from San Diego up to Northern California. Katherine loves the ocean and sees this as a source of calmness in her life. As such she hopes to be able to share these images with others whom may be seeking out that same sense of clarity. Katherine is a therapist by training and an avid yogi. She likes to use her imagery to convey themes, feelings and thoughts experienced in her life. Katherine will often use the abstract genre to purvey these concepts and emotions. Finally Katherine has extensive experience in post processing via photoshop like applications. Katherine takes average scenes of beauty and creates robust, vivid imagery that will dazzle the eye. Thanks for visiting! Namaste.
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