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The Botanist's Cat

by Jacqueline Chan
Orange AU
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The Artwork

Whomever loves plants, loves cats too!

The Artist

Why do you create? To make myself and others happy.
How do you work? I usually have ideas out of the blue, or inspired by something I see. I will then do some sketching, and refine the idea - most times, it will end up being something totally different than what I set out to create.
Do you consider yourself a full-time or part-time artist? I would consider myself a part-time artist as I don't spend as much time as I would like creating art...but I am always full-time thinking about ideas!
Besides creating, where else do you spend your time? Playing the piano and learning the violin & ukulele, jogging around the beautiful city of Orange, or buried in books & magazines.
What inspires you? Nature, amazing people,...almost anything.
What does the term art mean to you? Anything created by anyone that has travelled from their mind onto the material(s) they use to create the piece of art.
What is your dream project? To create a huge installation that conveys a magical atmosphere.