Our Mission.

Death to the Starving Artist.

Our Mission in creating Artify is to end the concept of 'The Starving Artist'.

The entire infrastructure created by Artify is to optimise selling artwork on a variety of the highest-quality mediums, where we take care of the entire production process, including printing, packaging, and shipping. This reduces the artist work to simply uploading their pieces, sharing their profile pages, and most importantly collecting their profits.

We are here to create a place for the artist to thrive as a result of their artwork and we endeavour to create the best gallery showcasing talented artists and artworks across Australia and the globe. We have created all the tools for artists to be recognised and their story to be told.

Welcome, to Artify.

Craftmanship. Our Mantra.
Each product we create is hand-crafted and with over 10+ years within the industry, our entire operation consistently holds product quality in the highest regard. Craftmanship is an essential cornerstone upon which we pride ourselves on and customer satisfaction is how we assess and ensure we maintain this belief.