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by Chinh Tran
Giralang AU

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The Artwork

Crush her? Do it yourself mate :)

The Artist

Why do you create? That's way I communicate with the world. You can say, can act, can sing and I, I can draw.
How do you work? Actually I'm not a kind of working hard artist. Sometimes, idea suddently comes and I can work without eating and sleeping but when it doesn't, ok fine, I throw it aside for days, weeks or even forget it.
Do you consider yourself a full-time or part-time artist? Part-time one. I'm current working as a graphic designer
Besides creating, where else do you spend your time? Playing futsal, gymming, watching futsal, playing games
What is the first piece of art you remember creating? I can't remember actually, I only remember that I drew a lot, everywhere, everytime when I was around 2 or 3.
Name three artists that you respect? Kim Jung Gi, Ian McQue. Akira Toriyama
What is your favourite piece of artwork? Not any, I always feel disappointed right after I finish every of my art piece.
What is your dream project? Draw my own comic. Long or short one is not a matter.