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by Nuno Horta
Porto PT

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The Artwork

The human face identifies the individual before the others and at himself, mediatesthe relationship, is what we have seen more of a sense of identity. How much can you say about someone who is strange to you, just by the image of his face, reading and discovering thelife that is saved on his face? The mask transforms the perception of actual and projected on to the dimension of mystery. Behind the mask there is a person who hides and displays an alternative identity. Who is it? Why is masked? There will be similarities between his face and the mask? Would prefer it to be your his face? Magic is the question of the transmutation of reality, the stranger who reveals vastly more appealing. I discusses in “Mask” this mysterious universe....

The Artist

I am a designer and photographer from Porto, Portugal.

Imagine a reality coexisting with two parallel dimensions. One of these dimensions would be simply the one that we live in, where we exist as ourselves. The second, an alternate reality where all of us would have another one, a projection of a world without constraints of any order, an almost cinematic existence within an imaginary admittedly obscure.

Who are the characters that I create for shooting? And in which way models and characters can be the same for the shoot, an alternative imaginary, disturbing dreams? My photographic work establish this passage. I interpret people who I see in a real dimension, then they are transfigured. An exercise of discovering the self, then settles a visual manifestation of some hidden appeal that lodges in the most inaccessible places of the human mind. This artistic action is as bleak as effulgent. The atmosphere is terrifying, but enigmatically seductive. Where is the border?
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