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by Paint The North
Toronto CA

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The Artwork

"Sorrow" is unlike what I am usually inspired to create. Traditionally I work within bright colours and animals for my art pieces. However, this image was so compelling in my mind that I put aside my working collection and picked up a pencil to draw a man's sorrow. I have seen pain in life, but nothing as clearly as the pain I see on this man's face. I struggle with a chronic condition called Fibromyalgia and feel this sense of closeness to the journey etched in his face. Aislinn is a Canadian-born Artist who lives with her husband in Toronto, Ontario.

The Artist

Why do you create? I have learned that being Canadian is adventure, exploration, and survival. I have learned this in my own life and through the historical lives of First Nations as well as the settlers who came. We are survivors.

I want to bring the beautiful and fantastical to that. Canadian art can tend to focus on barrenness and ruggedness but I want to focus on the beauty you enjoy if you are brave enough to endure the harshness of this land, if you are brave enough to face suffering and come out stronger.