Justin Bruhn

Noosa Heads Australia

Justin's Story

My passion for underwater photography was born from a lifetime of amazing ocean encounters and wanting to share the mystical beauty of the underwater world to help protect our vulnerable marine life.

For each piece, I will firstly plan a photography trip with a target species in mind, capture the images and then begin the process of editing and preparing the images for print.

My creative process is always evolving as I learn more about my craft and the amazing marine creatures that I am privileged to work with.

If I'm not underwater attempting to capture the perfect image, I love to spend time out in nature, walking in the rain forest and travelling to find the perfect place to watch the sunset.

I am inspired by mother nature and all of her magnificence. The first piece I created was an image of a turtle that I still have on my wall at home today! Art to me is the creative expression of an individual in it's purest form and my three favourite artists currently would be David Hart, David Doubilet and Pro Hart. My favourite piece of artwork is 'Dragonfly' by David Hart.

My dream project is to travel to Norway to swim with and photograph the most intelligent apex predators in the ocean, the killer whales in their natural habitat.
Artworks by Justin