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The Yellow Queen

by Spero Artworks
Sydney AU

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The Artwork

The Yellow Queen is one of seven pieces of artwork series I called "The Flower Queens". Each piece is themed with one color taken from the seven colors of rainbow. I started this artwork as the spring of 2017 arrives. I always admire the little changes happening at the beginning of a season. In spring, you can even smell something has changed in the air, flowers blossoming and the sunlight feels warmer and inviting.

The Artist

Why do you create? I recreate the universe I am living in in my own language. I put a lot of emotional thoughts and stories behind my illustrations, and I wish to use this to make good changes. My artworks may not change people's lives directly. But it has inspired a few people, made them cry when they feel touched by it, and when my artworks return me material values, I want to use these for good cause. To help people who don't get priviliges as I do. I believe making a good change doesn't always have to be in a big scale. If each one of us use our little talents to do something good, every effort counts.
How do you work? I do my illustration works mostly digitally. When I travel, and I travel a lot, I always bring my sketchbook and my camera. I sketch and document as many moments as I can, so it will become a bank of my inspiration. And every now and then, I will sit in front of my computer, with a cup of hot chai latte, and pour out the lessons I've learned.
Besides creating, where else do you spend your time? I'm a curious being. I can't sit still. I travel a lot. I would wake up on Saturday mornings, grab my car and drive to somewhere I don't know. I'm terribly scared but in love with the ocean, so I spend a lot of my time surfing and windsurfing to understand it. When I feel like growing my legs back, I walked out of the water and go to the mountains, rock climb and hike, so I can see the valley at sunset.
What inspires you? The little things in life we sometimes forget to appreciate. A friend secretly planning a surprise birthday party. The sound of the ocean. A cup of hot tea with a good mate when it's raining outside.
What is the first piece of art you remember creating? The Garden of Amada. It was my first digital illustration made in 2011 while I was working in small interior consultant in Bali, Indonesia.
What does the term art mean to you? To me, art is just another language. A universal one where you can express things words cannot. It's how I speak to people when I don't know how word it.
Name three artists that you respect? Charles Santoso
What is your dream project? To be a concept designer or art director in a motion picture, so I can deliver even further messages about good things we have in life through impactful stories
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