The Muse Fuse

Bangalore India

The Muse's Story

Why do you create? When something resonates deep within your soul, you know you’re on the right path. Awareness of climate change and global warming brought out through inspirational modern art – The Muse Fuse.

We live in the vast sphere, which is built on energy & my art draws inspiration from the space and universe which is transmitted on to the canvas, with fit of colors and impressions.
My work supports climate change & global warming that I express through my artwork. I hope to inspire an awareness of climate change and affirmative action towards global warming through my modern art which holds an abstract style awakened by nature.
What inspires you? Nature and the Universe
What is your dream project? Seeing my artwork in an exhibition displayed where i could bring awareness about our climate change and global warming issues.
Artworks by The Muse