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From Nothing 27

by Vasily Store
Shanghai CN

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The Artwork

From Nothing is a generative interactive project was made for purpose of visualization of the surreal 3d landscapes generated from the sound and the random noise of the space. The first time the project was shown during the audio-visual performance “SPACE” at O Art Center in Shanghai in December 2017. The idea to use strong colors and generated landscapes not just to shape and play with the perception of the space, but more to make people feel the space and give them freedom for self-description of the work and self-imagination of the sound and environment . The prints are stills from the show or separately generated landscapes with use of the GLSL (graphics card programming language) with the lots of details and big resolution.

The Artist

Vasily is a transmedia artist who worked on the edge of art and technology. His main direction to work with space and light to make immersive interactive environments and installations, also perform as a visual artist for the live shows and events. The education consists a bachelor degree in Math and Computer Science and master degree in cinema. Live and work currently in Shanghai. Was exhibited in various exhibitions in Russia, China, South Korea and published in the art-dedicated magazines around the world.
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